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Top 5 Ways - How to Encrypt Email and Attachments before Sending

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Whether you send confidential information to employees or superiors or send personal information to family members/friends, you want your email to be secured. However, sometimes the most sensitive information in an email is not the email itself, but an attachment. If your mail is hijacked by hackers during the delivery process, tax documents, commercial spreadsheets and even personal information may be stolen. Similarly, even if your recipient deletes an attachment after saving it to your computer, there is no guarantee that it will not be located on a mail server somewhere. This article provides five ways to encrypt your Emails and Email attachments to protect your data from snooping.

Method 1: Encrypt Email by Using Infoencrypt

Infoencrypt is a free web-based service that makes it easy to protect your mail. Just enter your message text and the encrypted password that will be used for encryption and decryption. The program uses a powerful encryption algorithm to encrypt your messages for secure delivery. A person who intercepts an encrypted message without a password will not be able to read the original message. Infoencrypt does not need to be installed on your computer.

Method 2: SendSafely Encryption for Chrome and Gmail

Chrome extensions that provide end-to-end encryption for Gmail. Encrypt private email and securely share up to 10GB of files. With the SendSafely Chrome extension, you can send encrypted files and messages directly from Gmail or using the Chrome pop-up menu.

Method 3: Use Sendinc to Encrypt Email Attachments

Sendinc is a web-based service that delivers sensitive information via email to keep it safe. Sendinc protects your information by ensuring that your data remains encrypted while your recipient is retrieving it from the computer. Your message data will not be sent or stored in an unencrypted format at any time.

Method 4: Lock Email Attachments with dsCrypt Software

DsCrypt is an AES / Rijndael file encryption program with a simple multi-file drag and drop interface. It has the best implementation, performance and security measures. dsCrypt uses advanced encryption algorithms to provide a unique choice for enhanced security. Your encrypted files will be converted to encrypted files. If you use dsCrypt to send a private message to someone via email, the recipient simply drags and drops. Dsc file into the dsCrypt program window, type the correct password, the file will be decrypted and used again.

Method 5: Send Encrypted Email Attachments by Using MEO

MEO is file encryption software for Windows or Mac or Windows that allows you to encrypt and decrypt any type of file. Protect your documents safely with the latest data encryption technology to protect sensitive data from unauthorized viewers. Use MEO to easily send encrypted emails or create self-extracting files so that recipients can open encrypted files on any Windows or Mac computer without having to install encryption software on their machines. MEO also provides context menu integration so you can encrypt files outside of the MEO program.