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4 Ways - How to Recover Forgotten, Lost or Unknown Zip Password

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"I forgot the password to an old zip file that I had password protected. Does anyone know of a password recovery utility that works on Windows 10?"

"Please help me how to open a password-protected Zip file. I received a compressed file from my friend last night. Unfortunately, this is a password-protected file. However, my friends don't remember the Zip password she set before. This is an important office file. Is there any quick way to crack the file? Thank you for your help."

Password protection is an important part of digital life. Regardless of the individual or the company, most people use it to avoid privacy and data leakage as much as possible. Zip is one of the commonly used encryption compression software. Zip allows users to easily encrypt files into Zips to protect information and data. Many Windows users are accustomed to setting passwords on ZIP archives to protect private or confidential information. You can share large encrypted Zip files by email, cloud services, social media and instant messaging. However, we may forget the password if we encrypt many files/folders frequently. Or in some cases, you receive some important Zip archives, prompting Zip archives to open the password when unpacking, and you don't know any information about the password, what should you do?

This article provides four ways to help you recover your Zip password.

Method 1: Retrieve Zip Forgotten Password with Notepad or Password Manager App

If you are the owner of the zip file and set a password on it, check the notebook to see if it has been recorded on it. Or just try a combination of passwords that you use often. Also try checking out password management applications that have been used, like 1Password, Password Boss Premium, LastPass Premium and Sticky Password Premium.

Method 2: Remove Zip Password with Zip Password Recovery Online Service

By searching for the keyword "Free Zip Password Recovery" in Google or other browsers, you will find a lot of information about removing or unlocking encrypted Zip files online. Be carefully to filter and find the right online solution for you. It is worth noting that there is file size restrictions for some free online decryption Zip file services, and will be charged for service charges once Zip files are exceeded.

Method 3: Recover Zip Password with Freeware

If you are not planning to pay an additional fee to recover your Zip password, you can try the free Zip password cracker. However, not all software that claims to be free can effectively recover Zip passwords, and some just provide user trials and then charge a fee.

Method 4: Unlock Zip Password by Using Zip Password recovery

If the above three methods can't help you find your Zip password, try the most effective Zip password method - Free Zip Password Recovery.

Follow these three steps to get started quickly recovering any encrypted Zip files.

Step 1: Launch Free Zip Password recovery on Computer

Download, install and run this best Free Zip Password recovery software, and then import password-protected Zip file.

Step 2: Select Password Attack Type

If you know nothing information relates with the password, you can select the first attack type which will take long time to crack the password.

If you remember part of the password or the approximate length of the password, you can choose Brute-force with Mask Attack, which will save a lot of time.

Dictionary Attack can quickly recover passwords from inbuilt or customized dictionary.

Step 3: Copy Password to Unlock Password-Protected Zip File

After the scan, the pop-up window shows you Zip password, click "Copy Password" to decrypt Zip file or save the password to your local computer.