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Top 4 Ways to (Password)Protect MicroSD Memory Card Data in 2019

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I have a MicroSD SD card and an external hard drive. I want to password protect or encrypt these external memories, but I don't know how to do it. I want these portable drives to be password protected or encrypted so that I can be the only one that can access the drive. Do you know how to password protect or encrypt micro SD card and external hard drive?

Hi, all. I have a MicroSD in My Canon digital camera. How can I password protect the SD card? So that others cannot access it. All help and advice appreciated.

SD cards are widely used in digital product memory storage. Typically, digital cameras and mobile devices use microSD cards to store photos, videos, audio files, applications and various files. Usually people encounter various problems in the process of using microSD card. For example, the data stored in the SD memory card will be lost due to data loss situations, such as error deletion, error formatting, SD card corruption, etc. We want the files of the SD memory card be secured but don't know how to effectively protect the SD card data. And if we don't take the necessary precautions to protect your SD card digital files, they are likely to be lost and difficult to retrieve. This article is intended to discuss how to avoid SD card data loss and how to password protect SD card. Here is 5 ways to (Password) Protect MicroSD Memory Card Data.

1 Password protect SD Card with Encrypt Software

Encryption is a common method of automatically protecting data. This process requires a software program that encrypts the information so that it cannot be read without authorized access. It can prevent anyone from viewing the file so that no one can access the SD card without a password or key code. Free Password Protect SD Memory Card software program is the most popular SD memory card encryption software. Users can encrypt the entire SD card to prevent unauthorized access. You can also encrypt some files from the SD card.

If you need to password protect SD card backup files on your local computer, Free Folder Password Lock app is highly recommended.

2. Write-Protect You SD Memory Card

Write-protect is an easy way to lock files stored on a MicroSD card which makes it impossible to delete or change any data on the SD card. It is the easiest security options because it does not require any software or IT experience. To write protect your SD card, simply remove the card from the device, find the small switch on the left side of the card, and push the switch to the open position. Simply move this switch to permanently write any data on the card, ensuring that no one can change or delete it.

3. Use SD Card Protective Cases

Many users lose SD card data due to physical damage to the SD card itself. Once the SD card is damaged or corrupted, you will not be able to get any files stored on the memory card. Therefore, protecting physical cards is essential. SD card cases can effectively prevent the SD card from being damaged.

4. Put Your SD Card in a Safe Place

Always store your SD cards which contain valuable data in a safe place, such as a locked cabinet, a family safe or a safe.