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Top 8 Free Zip Password Recovery Tools

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"Hello, is there any good free Zip password recovery software recommended? I have a Zip archive and I need to enter a password when I open it. I don't remember the password I set up. I tried it many times and it didn't work."

Zip provides a safe and fast compression method and is one of the best compression software. When a user compresses a file, Zip provides encryption options to protect user privacy and file data. However, many users will forget the set passwords when using Zip, which will cause them a lot of trouble at the same time. Is there any good free software to help them recover the forgotten Zip password? Please don't worry anymore. We will introduce some of the best Zip password recovery free programs that you can use to recover your password and unlock your Zip archive files. Here is list of Best 10 Free Zip Password Recovery Tools:

1. Free Zip Password Recovery

It is an efficient free Zip password recovery tool to recover your forgotten passwords from Zip archives created with any tools. It allows users to recover Zip password at high speed. Three Zip password attack types enable you to quickly figure out the Zip password. When the user terminates the scan, the software can save the scan process so that it can continue the scanning process next time which, saves a lot of time.

2. Accent ZIP Password Recovery

Accent ZIP Password Recovery provides users with an easy way to recover passwords from ZIP archives, supporting WinZip AES, the classic ZIP encryption algorithm. This interface is available to all types of users. However, the price of its Pro version is too high. If you think it can help you, just have a try and pay for it.

3. KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery is an intuitive app that allows you to retrieve lost passwords from encrypted ZIP files. It can easily handle AES encrypted ZIP archives and retrieve passwords that restrict your access to them. Even if you forget your password altogether, it can recover multiple types of passwords, regardless of their length or complexity.

4. Atomic ZIP Password Recovery

Atomic ZIP Password Recovery is designed to recover lost or forgotten passwords in ZIP archives. The program can quickly recover passwords in a variety of ways. The program has an easy to use and friendly user interface. There are two modes for password recovery: automatic and user-defined modes.

5. Manyprog Zip Password Recovery

If the password is lost, this simple program will help to find the password for the zip file. A notable feature of this handy tool is that it works fast and does not depend on the number of files contained in the zip file. The utility includes a number of settings, including the ability to specify a range of password lengths and their constituent character types.

6. Daossoft ZIP Password Rescuer

Daossoft ZIP Password Rescuer is a handy and practical zip archive password recovery tool that helps you quickly recover any password for ZIP / WinZip / 7Zip files. It can run on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and more.

7. Pasprog ZIP Password Forgotten

If the user forgets the password or loses the Zip password, this small and simple utility will help remove the password from the zip archive. No matter how many files are included in the ZIP archive, you can find the password you need very quickly.

8. iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer

When you cannot unlock a password-protected ZIP file without a password, the iSumsoft ZIP Password Remixer helps users find the ZIP password and unlock the password-protected ZIP file. The unique feature of this program is that it provides four powerful types of password attacks.


Almost all Zip password recovery software offers three very similar password attacks. We highly recommend the Free Zip Password Recovery software.