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Free MP4 to GIF Converter: Convert MP4 to GIF in High Quality

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How can I convert MP4 to GIF with high quality? GIF images are increasingly popular among users. Therefore, GIF is a useful solution when you cannot accommodate heavy video in your project but want to provide more accurate visual information. In terms of video format, MP4 is one of the most popular formats due to its compression characteristics, good quality, and compatibility with almost all types of players and devices. With the widespread use of the MP4 format, the demand for MP4 converters has also increased. In many cases, you need to convert MP4 format to other formats such as GIF. Converting MP4 video to GIF is the easiest way to make GIF. The following section of this article discusses free MP4 to GIF converter for Windows and easy steps to convert MP4 to GIF.

Convert MP4 to GIF with Free MP4 to GIF Converter Software

Free MP4 to GIF Converter is a handy tool for making animated gif from MP4 video files. You can preview original video frame by frame, easy crop and specify video clip, convert to gif with high quality. It allows setting gif play speed, replay times and also resizing.

How to Convert MP4 to GIF

Download Free MP4 to GIF Converter and install Video to GIF Converter on your computer. After that, click the app icon to run it.

Step 1 Record MP4 Video

Click "Start" button to record MP4 video.

Step2 Edit MP4 Video

Step3 Convert MP4 Video to GIF

Click "Create GIF" image button to start the MP4 video to GIF process.