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Is there any way to record my Windows desktop and save it as an animated GIF file so that they can run from a web page without requiring any plug-in.

I want to make a GIF out of anything in Windows, and save the screen recording directly as an animated GIF.


There are countless free software products that allow you to record desktop activities. Most screen recorders will generate videos as MP4 or MOV files, which can be very large in size, which makes it difficult to send on the Internet or easily distribute. An excellent tool for capturing screen motion using animated GIF would be great. You can send them via email or post them on social media networks, without you having to wait a long time until the files are uploaded to the network. However, there are not many screen recorders for Windows operating system, and you can save screen recordings as GIF files. Therefore, we have listed the best GIF recorders for PC. Let's look at the most powerful Screen to GIF software for creating animated GIFs on Windows.

Screen to GIF Maker Features

The Screen to GIF Maker main window is transparent; it allows you to see part of the background below it. Screen to GIF Maker will capture the part of the screen where it is, so you must place it on the part of the desktop you want to record. Click the "Start" button to capture GIF animation files, and then click the "Stop" button. After recording stops, Screen to GIF Maker will automatically display the captured image frame by frame. You can reduce the number of frames, rearrange the frames in the sequence, increase or decrease the delay, flip, rotate, crop and resize pictures, add text captions or pictures as watermarks. After editing, another small panel will pop up. This time, a preview is provided to show you how the final product will look. If you are not satisfied, you can return to the editing state, but if everything is normal, you can just save it.

How Do I Record My Screen and Save it as a GIF

Download, install and run Screen to GIF Maker on windows. Click "Start" button to record your desktop screen activities and then "Stop". After editing GIF, you can save the screen recording as an animated GIF file.