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Create Animated GIFs from PowerPoint Slides - PPT to GIF Maker

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PPT is a popular format for creating various presentations. You can develop complex presentations in Microsoft Office, including text and graphic data, images, sounds, charts, etc. Users can apply this feature to add the effect of changing the appearance of slides or text, as well as numerous templates built on .pot, .potx or .potm extensions. GIF or graphics exchange format is a highly compressed image. Although PPT is a convenient way to create animations, slide effects, and slides, but we can convert the slides into animated gif files. Animated gifs can be posted on the website and used in various other ways. This article will discuss how to convert the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to GIF files in easy steps.

PPT to GIF Maker - Turn Your PowerPoint into GIF

PPT to GIF Maker software allows you to save GIF from PowerPoint. Before generating a GIF from PowerPoint, you can edit GIF, such as adding/deleting frames, adding different style filters to the frames, cropping the screen size, playing the animation in reverse order, adjusting the animation generation ratio, adding subtitles, etc.

How to Create Animated GIFs from PowerPoint Slides

Please download, install and launch PPT to GIF Maker software on your computer. Adjust the capture window area and click "Start" button and then click "Stop" button. Edit GIF and click "Create GIF" button. Click "Save or Copy" button and you can save GIF file to local disk or an external drive.