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Recover WhatsApp Message History Tutorial

"Just updated my iPhone 4s to the iOS 8 update and lost all my stuff! Please help? PS: So I have iCloud on my iPhone and on my computer, but when I updated my iPhone it restored everything back to from 2013. So now I don't have my recent contacts and apps and music on the iPhone. My computer has my recent messages and contacts but I just don't know how to transfer it all of it onto my iPhone. Or is there any way to get it all back from 30 minutes agon before I updated my iPhone 4s? - Candice"

Update iOS device to iOS 8 may loss all data. Before doing that, make sure you have backup files. Because there are still things need to do after you updating your device to iOS 8. You want to restore data like photos, contacts, music, notes, contacts, music, calendar to your device, transfer files from computer or old device may be iPhone, iPad or iPod to the one you are using, speed up your iPhone/iPad to run iOS 8 smoothly, extent the device battery life...Keep reading this article to discover more useful tips and solutions.

Part 1. Resore iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch After iOS 8 Update

Method 1. Restore from iTunes:

  • 1. Connect your device to the computer, and launch iTunes.
  • 2. Click on Devices tab, and choose "Restore from Backup".
  • 3. Choose the backup that you want to restore from, and click "Restore".
  • Method 2. Restore from iCloud:

  • 1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Tap "Erase all content and settings".
  • 2. In the Setup Assistant, proceed to "Set up your device", tap Restore from a Backup, then sign in to iCloud.
  • 3. Proceed to "Choose backup", then choose the recent backup from a list of available backups in iCloud.
  • Method 3. Selectively Extract Backup from iTunes & iCloud

    This is the most convenient way to help you extract files you want. iPhone Transfer is a third-party app which allows iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch users to manage iDevice data. You can move files from device to computer for backup or to save device space, transfer files from one device to another, delete unwanted files directly in one click. It supports various files like Music, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos, Photos, Camera Shot, Playlists, Albums. Here are simple 3 steps to teach you how use this software.

    Part 2. Retrieve Deleted Data from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch After iOS 8 Update

    If you have backup up your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can restore the whole backup via iTunes or iCloud while it leads to the erase of existed data on your device. We recommend you Free iPhone Data Recovery software to selectively recover lost data from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    Free iPhone Data Recovery software provides iOS users the perfect solution to recover lost or deleted photos, videos, contacts, call history, text messages, notes, safari bookmarks and more from your iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPod Touch 4 and iPod Touch 5.

    Part 3. Transfer Data to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch After iOS 8 Update

    iPhone Transfer provides you all-in-one solution to transfer file such as music, photos, videos, apps and more to iOS device in one click.

    Part 4. Speed Up iPhone/iPad/iPod touch After iOS 8 Update

    Here are some good advices you can take.

  • Close Running Apps.
  • Disable and refresh background apps.
  • Clear Safari cookies and data.
  • Disable Location Services.
  • Get Rid of Unused Apps.
  • Disable Notification Center Options.
  • Delete unnecessary songs, photos, videos, and messages.
  • Restart the iPhone completely.
  • Part 5. Extend the Battery life of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch After iOS 8 Update

    Follow steps below to do useful things to extend your iDevice's battery life.

  • Turn off Auto-Brightness and keep Brightness in low level.
  • Close the background apps.
  • Disable Location Services.
  • Fetch Email Less Often.
  • Lock the Screen By Hand.
  • Turn Off Vibrations.
  • Disable Ping.
  • Push notifications for email.
  • Push notifications for apps.
  • Set on Airplane Mode.