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Unformat and Recover Data from Hard Drive Tutorial

Many people maybe comfort following embarrassing scenes:

A new computer brought from market only has a C: drive, so you put all data into this disk without thinking. As time goes on, you feel more and more inconvenient to classify your movies, games, pictures and so on in only one disk. Then you format your C: drive and divide it again, maybe also reinstall your system. It seems too late when you find you forget back your data in C: drive.

Sometimes your hard drive does not work suddenly, which makes such incommodity to you. A very common example is that your mobile hard disk can't open as normal, and give you a message like "Not formatted, do you want to format it?". The worse is that there are all-important files which is not backed in your mobile disk.

Computer virus on the internet is very rampant. One day you are careless to have a un-boot virus, which causes the partition table is destroyed and the hard disk data cannot be read. You have to format your disk, but your data has not backed yet.

Anyway, whatever reasons caused your hard drive is formatted and forgetting back data, don't worry. This article will introduce an effective way to unformat you hard drive quickly. The easy operations are suitable for everyone to recovery data form a formatted hard drive.

Step 1. Install and launch Amazing Dr. Recovery.


Select "Format Recovery" mode to begin. It will take a few seconds to read your devices on computer.

Step 2. Select partition you want to convert.

After the file scanning, you are allowed to preview files, ticket items and click "Recover" button to unformat a hard drive.