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Recover Deleted/Formatted Files from Corrupted SD Card Tutorial

"A friend turned up today with a curly question. She'd been using a SD card in her point and shoot camera for some time and now the card had stopped functioning. If she put it in her computer she was told to format the disk to use it - sensibly she didn't do this. However, she was sure she'd lost the shots she'd taken on her recent vacation. How to recover photos from damaged SD card? - James"

Expandable storage devices such as SD cards are great. They make multimedia devices like photo, camera a much larger and more versatile beast. However, you may lose a lot when a card corrupted. In such a case, it's necessary to remove the affected SD cards from cameras or phones,as there is a chance the device may overwrite the corrupted files when using the SD card. Then using a third-party software to recover data from corrupted SD card. You may find lots of programs are there, but which is the best? Compared with so many similar ones, Amazing Dr. Recovery is most professional SD card data recovery. It will save you lots of time and money in recovering SD card data.

Let's see how to recover data from corrputed SD card as follows.

First of all, download, install and launch this program. Connect the card to your computer via a memory card reader.


Step 1. Hit "Partition recovery" mode, then it takes a few seconds to look for devices that are installed. When the device scanning finished, select the SD card drive and click "Next" button to continue.

Step 2. The file scanning will last for a few minutes. When it is finished, you are allowed to preview files, ticket items and click "Recover" button to recover them.