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Amazing-Share is an application development company with over 15 years of experience. Amazing-Share provides professional and rigorous modern Massage Application solutions to individual users, business users and corporate users around the world. Whether you are planning to develop products like Soothe, Zeel, Unwind, Urban Massage, Headspace, Calm, MassageBook, Mindbody, Blys, MINDBODY and Urban Massage & Wellness, we can provide you with perfect, safe, pre-designed on-demand massage services Application Solutions. Additionally Amazing-Share professional designers and professional developers provide the option to choose customized Massage App solutions to help you lead in the Massage industry. You will get an excellent Massage App development solution at a reasonable and acceptable price within an acceptable budget and we will deliver a full-fledged Massage App to you within a short time.

Why You Need Massage App

Massage App enables users to connect with masseur professionals. Through this Massage App, users can make appointments to receive massages at home. In addition, Massage Apps involve various functions, such as reservations, pricing and contact information, masseur profiles, user reviews, etc. Users can browse the website through a user-friendly interface. They can search for a specific type of massage, therapist or availability in their preferred location. Massage App displays detailed information about various massage techniques, therapist qualifications and customer reviews to help users make informed choices.

How to help you build a Massage App - Massage App launch process

Plan a goal

The first step in Massage App development is to plan a goal for your website. You must also consider what your massage therapy website will offer your potential audience.

Choose a domain name

For the development of your massage therapy app, choose a domain name that is both recognizable and effective to users

Choose a web hosting provider

Choose an affordable and significant web hosting provider.

Start developing Massage App

Design an attractive and intuitive layout for your website. You can use our ready-made Massage App template.

Test Massage Therapy Website

After developing your website, the next most important thing is to test it. Check your Massage App carefully before publishing to look for any issues or errors. We will conduct a thorough check on the website and Massage App to ensure there are no errors.

Finally released Massage App

Once everything is fine launch your massage therapy website. Additionally, it is crucial to start promoting your website on other means such as social media and advertising.

Amazing-Share On Demand Massage App Rich Features

Create city and business information where you operate

Open the general backend website, log in with your account and password, select [City], select [City List], click [Add City], and create city information for the place of operation. Select [Merchant], select [Merchant List], click [Add Merchant], create business information for the place where you operate, upload business pictures, fill in the business account password, and the business person in charge information.

Technician management

Add and review technician information, including technician identity real-name review, business license review, qualification certification review, criminal certificate review, signed agreement, health certificate, etc. After the order is completed, the customer's real comments will be displayed at the bottom of the user terminal-technician details. If the technician changes the city or business, submit the application in the technician app-[My]-[Remote Visa]. Dynamic management of technicians.

Alarm List - Keeping Technicians Safe

When a technician encounters danger during service, he clicks the alarm button on the technician's APP-Orders, records the audio, and uploads it to the background. At the same time, the background alarm personnel receive the phone reminder.

Performance statistics

To view technician performance rankings, click [Bill Details]. Export the excel file to view the technician's personal order fee details. Check the technician's online time, which can be exchanged for online points, which is used as the level performance evaluation standard.

Create project

Select [Project], select [Project List], and click [Add Project] to create a project. Edit basic information, name, category, pictures, price, share and other information. The red boxes are required.

Set material information

Material information includes material classification, material list and material order.

Order management

Order status can be viewed in the order list. When the user places an order, there will be an order sound reminder in the background. Click [Refund] to operate the refund in the background (the ratio of deduction before departure and deduction after departure is in the background [Settings] - [Other Settings] - [Transaction Settings]. Click [Transfer Order] to transfer the order Transfer to other technicians from the same merchant.

Order details

Click [Details], order details, to view user information, service information, business information, city and other site information. Check the project's first clock information, additional clock information, upgrade information, and reward information. View private call recordings of technicians communicating with customers. View order fee details. View the technician's check-in location and check-in photos at the departure and arrival locations.

Order summary

View additional orders, after-sales orders (refund orders), and upgrade orders


View order reports, user complaints, comment users, and number viewing content

User Management

Select the user list to search for users based on query conditions, give coupons to users, and set up groups.

Membership level

Select the level list, click [Add Level], edit the level information and save; the membership switch is in [User Settings].

User settings

Select user settings and set user information

Marketing Management

Coupon: Backend - Marketing, select [Coupon List], view the coupon, click [Add Coupon] to create a new coupon.

Announcement: [Announcement]-[Announcement Management], click [Add Announcement] to publish announcement information to technicians/users/merchant/city.

Balance recharge: select the recharge amount, set the price and save it.

Distribution promotion

Technician promotion: Technicians invite new technicians through invitation codes; technicians invite new users; through distribution QR codes.

User promotion: Invite new users through invitation posters to bind permanent distribution relationships.

Promotion list: Open promotion orders in the background, view completed promotion orders, query the amount of each order, promoter, and promotion commission.

Financial Management

Including user withdrawals, technician withdrawals, backend audits, and financial records.

Set up

Including system information settings, technician settings, interface settings, APP settings, and user sharing. Third-party interface (renewal management). Permission settings, application settings.

System maintenance

Check the background operation log and business authorization.

Amazing-Share On Demand Massage App team provides proven on-demand massage program solution

Product development time and the quality of the product are critical to both customers and startups. The Amazing-Share development team has experience in 20+ massage development cases around the world to ensure that your product is delivered within the expected time and within an acceptable budget. During this period, our development manager will communicate closely with customers to learn more about massage program product customization needs and provide you with massage program budget costs, massage program development processes, massage program development progress, massage program final testing and massage program online one-stop Worry-free customer service. All you need to do is provide your specific needs for an on-demand massage program, and the Amazing-Share technical team will quickly transform your business idea into a growth-driven business opportunity.

Amazing-Share Company Offers Acceptable On-Demand Massage Program Development Fees

The Amazing-Share development team has mature experience in on-demand massage program development. We will provide product development costs that are lower than other on-demand massage program development companies to ensure that your business plan can be quickly realized and profitable. A high budget for an on-demand massage program will only put a damper on your dreams, won't it? Put aside your product development cost concerns, express your ideas, and we will help you implement them quickly!

How much does Amazing-Share cost to develop an on-demand Massage App?

On-demand Massage App costs between $4,000 and $25,000 to develop, or more. There are no fixed costs as the cost of each project varies. Normally, individual users need to spend $4,000 to get the entire Massage App, which supports web version, Google App, Android App and Mac App. With the rapid growth of demand in the massage industry, business users and enterprise users need to spend no more than $25,000. You can seize the excellent opportunity to invest in Massage App development.

Want to develop an on-demand Massage App?

Connect with Amazing-Share, the best on-demand app development company with a team of over 600 professionals including professional developers, creative designers, experience quality analysts and expert customer service team. Contact us now.

Tech Specification

System Requirements Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac, Android, iOS
Language Supported Global

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