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Search the Web for Currently Selected Text Using Keyboard Shortcuts. Skip the Tapping and Typing or Opening Search Engine with Copy to Search Software


Overview of Copy to Search

Copy to search software is a simple but very useful search engine aid. It helps users quickly and easily finds results from search engines. When users intend to search for keywords from some documents, they can select the text content and press "Ctrl + C" and then use the shortcut key to search it on the Web automatically. When the browser is not open, it can automatically launches the default browser on your computer and presents you the search results quickly. You can also copy any content on a web browser and use the shortcut keys to search. You can use Copy to search software to copy and search contents from TXT, Word, PPT, Excel, PDF, Web, Development Tools and more applications. You are allowed to add or delete search Engine on its main interface according to your need. You can also set or change the Hotkey for search website. It offers a 30-day Free Trial.

Why You Need Copy to Search software

When you look up more information about terms from certain documents, you have to copy the content, run the search engine, paste the content and then start the searching. Or you may manually enter the text and search. This will waste you a lot of time. With Copy to Search software, you can skip the tapping and typing and more tedious steps to quickly get what you want. Whether you are a student, a teacher, an academic researcher, IT developer, a business person, etc., Copy to Search software will help you greatly.

How to Use Copy to Search Software

Just select texts and click "Ctrl + C" and then press the Hotkey, it will automatically direct to the search engine.

Tech Specification

System Requirements Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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